How to End Suffering

The only reason suffering exists is because there is a misunderstanding on what it actually is. Many believe that suffering is inevitable and that it cannot be avoided. But the enlightened masters like The Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta, and even Jesus told us otherwise. They preached the message that there is an end to suffering, and that it is available for anyone who is seeking liberation from their suffering.

I was guided to write about this subject, and wrote just exactly what it is about suffering that keeps us locked into it, and how to be free of it. Here is what the channeled message came out to be.

“The idea of suffering is an idea created by the mind. Your idea of suffering is in actuality a result from the not accepting reality as it is, resulting in a prolonged session of pain.”

Notice how the message says it prolongs pain. This indicates that there is a difference between pain and suffering. Usually we associate the two together, but really pain is a temporary experience, where suffering draws out the pain for a much longer experience.

“Suffering does not actually exist, as it has been said already that it is an idea. You suffer because you have an expectation from life. You are trying to get something out of life from a belief that you are missing something, or that it has done you wrong. You are foolish though to think that you know better than life. How many times have you not gotten something you wanted but instead got something so much better? Have you even noticed? Or have you been too caught up in the belief that you have been done wrong, have bad luck, or been punished?”

A valid point. Our greatest teacher is life itself, and we should surrender our resistance to what it brings, since it always knows best.

“Do not expect life to give you anything. You are already getting exactly what you need, because what you need is not anything material or external, it is the evolution and growth of your soul. And this is the purpose for all of life’s happenings.

You will make it much easier on yourself if you stop expecting something and accept your reality before you as it is. You are not alone in this life; you have many other beings and souls tending to your growth, so there is no need to try to “control” your life, and make its happen a certain way. Everything is happening for a reason. And you know this. Accept it and release your expectation, and you will find the suffering released alongside it.

No expectation can bring you happiness, it can only bring disappointment. Your happiness is found only in Being, in existing as you are, with full acceptance of that. You are not expected of anything else.”

And I love the last point there, about accepting yourself as you are. Too often spiritual seekers and journeyers become so hard on themselves (myself included) for making mistakes and not “knowing better.” And to that we say you could not have known better! Otherwise it wouldn’t have happened at all. Everything happens for a reason, even the outbursts and slip ups, because how else would you be able to heal that aspect of yourself if you weren’t even aware of it? A practice they teach in many spiritual cultures is to thank your suffering, for showing you what is still within you that you may now heal. Anything brought to the light of awareness can never hide in the dark again. You can never forget once you’ve expanded. So accept where you are at, and trust that what is necessary for you will come your way.

Suffering is something we all deal with, but not something that has to last forever. We may still have pain in our life, but that does not mean we must suffer at its hands. Pain is a temporary experience. It comes and it goes, it is the resistance to that pain that will cause the us suffering. You are not the cause of pain occurring in your life, life is, so accept it as your teacher, and allow the flow of life to guide you to your highest potential. 🙂

I have just started to embrace this “ability” of being able to write independently of thinking of the words I’m writing. Kind of like spontaneously creating. It began a few months ago, where I started writing something down after coming out of a meditation, and suddenly noticed that I was writing without thinking or knowing what was being written. The words written were from “Infinite Intelligence,” as it said, and I have learned to channel this energy more regularly. Stay tuned for some more inspired writing about other topics. Or, if you have any suggestions, leave a comment and I would love to expand on it!

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By The Quantum Canadian

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