The Summer that Never Ends

It’s the best time of the year; Summer. Long days and the warm sun, flowers blooming and the birds singing, in Summer, everything just seems so much…. happier.

But why is that? Maybe you enjoy that summertime high, but that thought always sticks around in your head saying, “well, in a few months it will all be over, and we’ll be back to shitty old winter again…” We can already feel the impending dissatisfaction that awaits us in the bitter, cold months ahead.

We live for the summer, for the thrill of all the pleasures that it brings, but when it’s over, we’re stuck waiting for it to come back again. A never ending cycle, that always leads to the same outcome; unhappiness.

We are like hamsters, running on a wheel, going nowhere and using up all of our energy in the process. We are stuck in a loop, year after year, month after month….day after day….. chasing that thrill and high, motivated by our feelings of dissatisfaction, that only keeps on growing.

And this has become ordinary to us, everyone around us feels the same, chasing that summertime high not only in summer, but in all aspects of life. So we think that it’s normal. In fact, many feel there is nothing more to life than that, and never question it. But to others, the feeling of unhappiness becomes unbearable, and we begin to search for another way.

Just like a hamster gets tired from its run on its wheel, we get tired of chasing that “good feeling,” and never feeling satisfied from it. The ache of dissatisfaction only grows in our heart, until, at a certain point, we don’t want to bear it anymore.

And it is not until that time, that we have a choice.

We can continue to do the same thing over and over again, running on our wheel, waiting for summer, knowing it will lead us nowhere, or we choose to find another way.

Summer comes, and its goes. We enjoy our high, but we sulk at its end. We attach to that high, believing it is the salvation we’ve been looking for, only to find that at some point, it leaves us again. And we all get trapped in this paradigm. We all become bitter at life, for delivering us time and time again the pain of unfulfillment. But it is not life delivering us pain, but our own futile search for salvation from anything in the external world.

Our happiness is not dependent on the world around us. We are shown that our dependency is what creates unhappiness. We attach to pleasure, and inevitably get pain. Even the richest man will tell you, all the gold and diamond in the world could never fulfill you.

So what, then, will?

And it is this question that will guide you to the answer. Question what will, with all of your heart. From the pain of your unhappiness, call out to the world, what is my salvation? And it is law, that you shall be answered.

Your journey is not one with a destination. Your journey is the answer.

Give up on your insanity, to question what is sane.

Find what you seek, from the desperation of the answer. And you will discover that the secret to happiness, was with you, the whole time. It was never lost, and could never be found. It remained inside of your heart, until the very moment you decided to see it. For your happiness is not attainable, no legendary summer could ever bring it to you. Your happiness is what you are. It is what you have always been. You have only forgot. But it is only a matter of time, before you remember.

By The Quantum Canadian

Hi! I'm Asia. I post content about spirituality and all the topics in between. I am a practicing Past Life Regressionist as well as a Spiritual Coach, and you can find out more about these services via my website. Thanks for checking me out :)

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