Guilt is DESTROYING your potential for growth!

Guilt is stunting your personal growth. It is the #1 trap by the “ego” or “false self.”

And chances are, if you’re reading this now, this applies to you.

Guilt occurs when an ideal image or story in your mind is not lived up to in reality, and you begin believing in thoughts of shame under the premise that you somehow caused this “failure.”

These thoughts are completely invalid however, first, because it is NOT your fault that the “perfect” thing didn’t happen, because you do not control life. And second, because it is NOT your fault for “thinking” those thoughts, because you didn’t. You do not “think” any thoughts. They simply appear in your mind, and you either give them attention, which gives them a reality, or you don’t.

So the real issue here is not anything that you have done wrong, but the belief in the idea that there is something wrong.

These ideas are created by the mind after years of imprinting what it perceives an ideal reality is. Here we are talking about conditioning in childhood, and the conditioning from societal and external influences. We are either taught by someone or something about what is “good” and what is “bad.” We are either shown it through demonstration by our caregivers, or it is learned through handling painful situations on our own. Either way, it is our mind’s programming that we are hung up on here. It’s only function is to perceive the world in terms of what it likes, and what it dislikes. It is an animalistic system, based on avoiding pain, and chasing pleasure. If you are not shown anything different, then you are destined to be ruled by this programming. Until you realize it’s futility, of course.

Ask yourself, what is an ideal world to me? What is perfection? Is it having no flaws, no mistakes? Is it living up to the expectation of others? Or does perfection simply not exist? And the world can never be perfect? Ask yourself what ideas you have about what the world should be like. What do I think the world, or myself, is flawed with and should be improved? These questions, when answered honestly, will start to show you your own conditioning. Anything you perceive as “flawed,” is a misperception of what perfection really is.

True perfection is the total embrace of ALL flaws, ALL mistakes.

Perfection is a paradox, because it is actually the acceptance of imperfection that creates the perfect. It is not to be without flaws, but to accept them because they are indeed perfect. A perfect system. They are your indicators of some imbalance, some wrong thinking that is not aligned with your True Self. The imperfect was created to show you what is perfect. It acts as a contrast to perfection. Think, if you only had light, how could you ever know dark? If you only had love, how could you ever know hate? The system is a perfect creation of God. Of the One Source, of YOU! Your pure, untainted, unaffected, awareness. This can never be imperfect. It can never be flawed. It is completely innocent. It is only the human mind that adds the idea of imperfection, through its beliefs of right and wrong.

The Conscience VS The Conscious

The Mighty Moral Code

There is an idea known in our society as the “conscience.” This part of the mind supposedly aligns us with proper morals and tells us in any given moment what is “right” and what is “wrong.” This “conscience” however, is not in any way superior or holding some just power. It is the ego… the false self…the mind. The mind perceives something as “wrong,” and immediately assigns guilt onto you. This is only because it is satisfying the ideas you have on what is “right” and “wrong,” so inevitably, when something is “wrong,” guilt is assigned as a natural consequence.

The system itself is fully functional and has its place, however, in our human culture today, this system causes immense suffering.

So here then, whatever you perceive as “bad” or “wrong,” beware of it. Because the second that ” bad” thing comes into your life, whether through your own doing or someone else’s, you WILL be triggered, and if you aren’t aware, you WILL suffer.

If it is you who does a “wrong” act, you will be plagued with thoughts of guilt and shame. If it is someone or something else who does this “wrong” act, you will be plagued with thoughts of judgement and blame. This is because your reality is always a reflection of your own inward perception of it. If you perceive the existence of anything being “right” or “wrong,” “good” or “bad,” then you will see that in reality, and behave accordingly.

Ending this Dysfunction

So the answer here then, is to eradicate your belief of anything in this world as “right” or “wrong.” If you are having a hard time accepting that, let me explain.

If you see another act, and think it is wrong, think again. All others are only acting on their own belief of what is right and wrong, from their own conditioning, and your judgment will only perpetuate not only their dysfunction, but yours as well. Accept and allow others to be as they are, for if they knew any better, they would act like it.

If you perform an act, and judge yourself for doing wrong, think again. You are only acting on your own understanding and beliefs. The wrong act is your messenger that you still have a false belief. Do not feel shame or guilt, it is your blessing. You could not know yourself if you did not know what is not yourself, so accept it and let it go. Read the message, and move on. Forgiveness is always yours when you choose it.

When you hold on to guilt, you hold on to suffering. And life is always trying to teach you how to not suffer. So when you feel guilt, you will attract more guilt through experiencing more “wrong” acts, or perpetual thoughts of shame. Life is trying to bring this dysfunction to your awareness, and it will not stop until you realize it. No matter how long it takes. So, you can save yourself a great deal of time by letting go of your guilt, and loving yourself and others as they are. Accepting reality as it is, as something you cannot control. This is what Abraham Hicks speaks of when she describes, “going down-stream.” Resisting the flow of life, that is, judging it and creating an expectation from it, is moving up-stream in the flow of life, and will always lead you to suffering. Loving it, and allowing it, will not only end this suffering, but speed up your process of self-discovery.

Love and Guilt cannot coexist, and to accept one is to deny the other”

A Course in Miracles

By The Quantum Canadian

Hi! I'm Asia. I post content about spirituality and all the topics in between. I am a practicing Past Life Regressionist as well as a Spiritual Coach, and you can find out more about these services via my website. Thanks for checking me out :)

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