How to Connect to Your Higher Self | Channeled Material

As described by The Higher Self (channeled material)

The Higher Self is omnipresent and everlasting. There is no “way” to learn how to connect with it, because it is always present in each and every moment. The only way to “find” your Higher Self is to become completely present. When you are able to move deeply into present awareness, you are moving to a place of non-resistance, where the natural flow of Life can pour out.

It is only the mind holding you back from accessing this magnificent power. It creates an invisible barrier between itself and reality. In QHHT, this barrier drops. By entering a deep state of relaxation, the mind goes quiet. It leaves room for the natural flow of life to occur. This is a simple way to understand the experience of your Higher Self. Meditation is also a wonderful way to end the mind’s constant cycle of thoughts. Notice that both however, involve guiding your attention to the present moment.

Many ask how to know or be sure it is your Higher Self. It is not a question to be asked. Your Higher Self speaks with absolute certainty, there is no interruption between its communication. In the beginning, there may be interruption because of the mind’s uncertainty, but to that we say to trust and allow. Have no hesitation with the information coming to you. Try it as an experiment, if you will. Allow the very first thing to come to your head to be there. Instead of waiting for it, or anticipating its response, let the very first thing that comes to mind arise.

Depending how chatty the mind is, this may take practice. The key here is guiding yourself into a very relaxed state, where your thoughts aren’t running rampant, then asking a question, or just allowing an answer to arise. What you are practicing is simply returning to pure presence, which exists only when the mind is silent. By giving your attention to the silent moment, you are strengthening the connection, and eventually can begin living your Higher Self’s state of consciousness all the time. This state is known as Enlightenment.

The information was given by The Higher Self through conscious connection with it. There is a video to be released soon about this topic in further detail, when it is available, it will be linked here.

Did this resonate? Have any questions? Leave a comment. I am able to channel my Higher Self at will, and can give you an answer directly from it.

For now, Namaste.

By The Quantum Canadian

Hi! I'm Asia. I post content about spirituality and all the topics in between. I am a practicing Past Life Regressionist as well as a Spiritual Coach, and you can find out more about these services via my website. Thanks for checking me out :)

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