Always caught up in worry? Read This.

We are in a pivotal time in history, and the weight of that is surely having an effect on everyone. Let’s talk about how to deal with that.

There seems to be an overcast of worry above everyone’s heads right now, and I thought what a perfect time to release today’s Wallpaper of the Week.

This week’s “Wallpaper of the Week.” Click here to download.

“ I surrender to the process, and trust everything is happening for my highest good “

This is something we all need to remember in these times…

We are undergoing a major process of change, and that change can be very uncomfortable.

But that discomfort is needed for change to occur. By being uncomfortable, we seek something else to replace that sense of comfort, and in that process, we try new things, have new experiences, and find more meaning in our lives.

In that sense, being uncomfortable is the best thing that could happen to us!

Yet knowing that does not make it an easier to go through. But that is not the point of knowing this. The point is to recognize that there is a purpose to struggle, and that the purpose is in our highest good.

We are not being punished by Life, with its challenges and discomforts, we are being blessed, we are being given an opportunity for change, one of the most beautiful things about life. 

It’s only hard to see that when you are in the midst of conflict. 

So this is why this reminder for your wallpaper exists, for when you find yourself caught up in worry, feeling uncertain about what’s next, or looking for comfort, to remember that you can find it through SURRENDER.

—What is Surrender?

We want to control outcomes in our life so they happen in our favour, or at least, in the way we want them to happen. It’s a human thing. But when it comes to situations in our life that are out of our control that we don’t like, that same human instinct still tries to find a way to control it, even if it’s in a dysfunctional way.

So what you will find is when something bad happens that you can’t control, you will feel angry, or upset, or worried, because these emotions are that same instinct attempting to resolve the situation; attempting to control it.

It’s a funny way that we try to make peace with something; through worrying, or being upset about it. Of course, it never makes anything better. In fact, it usually makes things worse. So it’s clear that trying to control or resisting situations we don’t like and can’t change is not the way to solve them.

The issue is not that Life has punished us; that we have ‘bad luck.’ It is that we don’t know how to make peace with things we can’t control.

And that is where the practice of surrender comes in.

To surrender is to accept things the way they are, so that you find peace in yourself, and realign with your True Beingness.

But many confuse this practice as though it is ‘not having a back bone’, or ‘just letting things happen to them.’ They feel to surrender their resistance is to “give up,” or “stop trying.” However, it is quite the contrary.

It isn’t easy to make peace with something you don’t like. Or, at least it feels that way when you’re just starting this practice. There is usually a lot of resistance against that person/situation, and that energy can overpower your True Beingness if you have never reacted any other way before. So, when surrender is done successfully, it is a huge show of will power and internal strength.

It is deciding how you want to feel, rather than being victim to the first emotions and reactions you have.

To surrender is to have peace within yourself, by having peace with what is outside of you. Letting go of all resistance, and accepting things, the way they are.

It may not be easy, especially when something in your is enraged by the way things are, much like how the politics are in the world right now, but it is the only way to find peace amongst it all.

So, what will you surrender to today?

Have a great day, and hope you enjoyed! Feel free to download the wallpaper to use as a reminder for yourself, simply by clicking the link here. Let me know if you did in the comments! 

By The Quantum Canadian

Hi! I'm Asia. I post content about spirituality and all the topics in between. I am a practicing Past Life Regressionist as well as a Spiritual Coach, and you can find out more about these services via my website. Thanks for checking me out :)

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