5 Signs your Past Lives are communicating to you

Your Past Lives hold valuable information about you, and your life now.

These 5 signs are telling indications that this information may be able to help you in your life, if it is explored.

Let’s get into it.

1. You have reoccurring, and/or vivid dreams.


Dreams are the most common channels that information about past lives comes from. These dreams usually feel very real, and typically you will remember a lot of details from the dream. 

If the dream is important enough, it can even become a reoccurring dream. This is a way for your Higher Self to let you know that there is important information there, that can help you in some way.

2. You have unexplainable or irrational fears

Fear. Mental Breakdown

Now, not all irrational fears are linked to a past life, since many can be linked to an event or situation from a person’s past. But, there are some cases where the fear seems to come out of nowhere, with no cause or reason.

These are the fears I am referring to. These unexplainable fears are very likely to be caused from an event in a past life.

For example, A client I had reported having a fear of water, even though no event or situation seemed to bring this fear about. Upon exploring her past lives, we found that she had actually died from drowning in another life, and this caused a fear of water in the next.

This is just one example, of many possibilities, but serves to demonstrate the point. Fears, if strong enough, can carry over from another life.

3. Birthmarks or other physical phenomena

Birthmarks from a past life.

Some birthmarks are actually remnants of how you died in another life… Such as the one in this photo. This could indicate a bullet wound, or something of that nature.

Other physical phenomena could include eczema, which has come up in a past life session as being burned alive in a past life.

Dolores Cannon, a pioneer for Past Life Regression, has reported that some of her clients experienced physical phenomena show up in their life seemingly out of nowhere, and for no particular reason.

Upon regressing these clients, Dolores reported that this phenomena was due to the death occurring in a past life at that particular time in the clients life. So if they died at 30 years old in one life from their neck breaking, for example, they would begin getting neck pain once they turned 30 in their current life.

Of course, not all physical phenomena and birthmarks can be explained using past lives, but there are some cases where they can be.

4. You have someone in your life that feels very close to you…

Photo by Sebastian Voortman

Almost everyone can say that they know or have known someone in their life that just felt so close to them, like a ‘soul sister’ of some kind. It turns out, a soul sister is indeed a real thing!

It has been found through communicating with The Higher Self, that we make ‘contracts’ with different souls before incarnating.

Some contracts are with a soul you have karma with, while other contracts are to help each other learn a particular lesson in that lifetime. And these contracts bind these souls in a relationship of some kind, during their incarnation.

Probably the more important contracts though, are the ones that involve karma.

Usually the closest people in your life have a karmic contract with you. At some point in another life, something occurred which brought about karma, and it wasn’t worked out during that life, so it carried over, to be worked out in your current life.

This can explain why some relationships we have feel closer than close, just like you’ve met this person before.

If you feel like there is someone in your life just like that, chances are, there is some karmic contract with them. That ‘feeling’ is your intuition telling you there is more to the story than just this life. You can explore this in your own QHHT®, or Past Life Hypnosis session.

5. You are particularly interested in past lives, and past life regression

Past Lives. Past Life Regression

We tend to naturally gravitate towards the things our soul is calling us too. If that happens to be past lives, then there’s a reason for that.

If you have an interest, or have been wanting to explore your past lives, let that be a sign!

How many resonated?

Even if only 1 resonated with you, this is enough to tell that your past lives have information that can help you in some way.

And, if none resonate, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your past lives have nothing important to show, it just means you are receiving signs in other ways, or, it isn’t the right timing to explore your past lives.

Not everyone needs to explore their past lives, it is only one of many options to receive clarity and guidance on your life journey.

If many resonated, that’s great! You definitely have something to look at in your past lives. Here’s what to do about that.

The next step….

The universe is giving you a sign by showing you these signs, and by bringing you to this post to read. Your next step could very well be to book a session of your own to find out more information.

Click here to read about Past Life Regression, and the options for receiving information about your past lives.

Click here to book a session, or to reach out about questions you have on this subject.

Thanks for reading, have a magical day! 💫

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By The Quantum Canadian

Hi! I'm Asia. I post content about spirituality and all the topics in between. I am a practicing Past Life Regressionist as well as a Spiritual Coach, and you can find out more about these services via my website. Thanks for checking me out :)

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