We all know TikTok is bad… but you could’ve never imagined this.

You must watch this video. I use Tiktok, but never could have imagined what was happening behind the scenes.

Tiktok is a the modern day propaganda tool. “But wait” you might think, “isn’t Tiktok just user created content?” Yes. That’s right. But the most viral content on this platform is exploitative media and mindless activity. And that’s the point!

It is meant to make you mindless, dumb, and stupid. It is meant to encourage a short attention span, and a lack of proper judgement. Because by the time the worst comes, it’s already too late.

I don’t mean to be so serious and scary, but this is something very real that is happening. And I encourage you to watch the video to learn about what society is going through today.

Thanks for being here soul, stay light🤎

By The Quantum Canadian

Hi! I'm Asia. I post content about spirituality and all the topics in between. I am a practicing Past Life Regressionist as well as a Spiritual Coach, and you can find out more about these services via my website. Thanks for checking me out :)


  1. In our chasing of entertainment, we have become cattle. The ancient spiritual masters were right (ironically, like China’s own Laozi, who said “One’s endless desire can result in negligence of the true nature of life.” (Tao Te Ching chapter 20). And we’re being used for social experiments. The reason why I chose WordPress to make my content was because I thought people who are willing to read essays would be more serious. But I found WordPress also has this “likes” and “followers” game too. Haha. I think there is a big insecurity we feel to not feel connected to the world. To not feel left out or alone. Perhaps if people were more spiritual, these apps, A.I., and governments wouldn’t have as much of a foothold on us. The best way to be spiritual in my opinion is speaking the truth, like what you’re doing now. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I also found it funny that the Chinese military leader, Sun Tzu, and Lao Tzu were so similar in their names, yet so opposite in philosophies. Hahaha.
      I appreciate you taking the time to watch it. Blessings, friend!

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