Soul Contracts: What are they?

Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t, either way, there’s always more to learn, so take a read and check it out!


soul contract is an agreement made between two souls to aid in each other’s spiritual advancement during their incarnation. This decision making is usually made prior to the soul’s incarnation, and carried out throughout their lifetime’s.

These contracts are not limited between two human Soul’s. They can also be made with animals, plants, and even spiritual beings, like your Spirit Guides.

The degree of assistance that these contracts provide for the soul also varies. Even a one minute interaction with a person in a coffee shop can be a contract. That person might have acted as a synchronicity, or caused you to think about something in a different way than you normally do. It doesn’t matter how big the assistance, it is always valuable to the soul.

The two soul’s will choose a relationship that will best serve their growth, that being spiritual growth. That could mean being sworn enemies, or best of friends; whatever relationship serves them the best during their incarnation.

That’s right, even a negative relationship between the soul’s can help each other grow. If you are well on your spiritual path, you know this. Sometimes our best teachers are the ones we dislike or disagree with the most. It’s because they are shining light on parts of ourself we never even knew were there.

Think about a time where you may have overreacted. Perhaps someone triggered you and you lashed out with anger, and then afterwards you thought to yourself, “man, that came out of nowhere!”

That is precisely why that person was there to trigger you that day! How would you know you were even capable of a lash out if the person didn’t trigger you? You wouldn’t! And then you wouldn’t have any opportunity to look at that trigger, to heal it, and let it go.

These soul contracts have no time limit, either. Some will extend over multiple lifetimes, if the soul’s deem it best. Sometimes these longer contracts have to do with karma, and other times, the two soul’s just work really well together.

Karma is not binding…

On the note of karma, I think it’s necessary to talk about the confusion people have with it.

Karma is not binding... it isn’t a force working against our free will. It, in fact, is working in our favour, we just don’t realize it.

Karma relates to cause and effect. That is something inevitable in the universe. Your action is the cause, and the effect is the natural consequence of that action. So when we experience a negative or undesirable effect, it is wiser not to blame the effect, but to look at what action caused it to begin with! Your karma can literally be altered just through a change in your individual “causes.”

Now with this new wisdom on karma, we can look at how it relates to soul contracts. When two soul’s incarnate to work out karma, they aren’t doing it against their will. It is actually more beneficial for the soul’s to stay together and work it out, because it works in favour of their spiritual advancement.

Soul’s always have the choice to part ways whenever they want. There is not rule that dictates that the soul’s must stay together until the original contract terms are met, there are no rules in true reality, remember?!

If the two soul’s really feel that it just isn’t working, or they need to try an easier lesson, then they will! In this case, there is the option for the soul’s to tear up their contract.

This is something Dolores Cannon spoke about in her line of work. She was able to help her clients release the contracts that were hindering soul’s more than helping, and allow the soul’s to move on. And you can do this for yourself in your own QHHT®, or Past Life Hypnosis session!

I offer QHHT® and Past Life Hypnosis sessions, where you are able to discover some of the contracts you made with other soul’s, and release contracts, if necessary.

Schedule a consultation call with me to learn more!

I hope you enjoyed and learned something new! Leave a comment if you did! Have a lovely day, beautiful soul! 🤎

By The Quantum Canadian

Hi! I'm Asia. I post content about spirituality and all the topics in between. I am a practicing Past Life Regressionist as well as a Spiritual Coach, and you can find out more about these services via my website. Thanks for checking me out :)

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