What is The Higher Self?

The Higher Self is synonymous with many other terms, but a few you might recognize are “The Subconscious” (used by Dolores Cannon), “The Oversoul,” “Infinite Intelligence,” “Universal Consciousness,” and “The Higher Consciousness.” Defined, The Higher Self is source intelligence. It is the one essence that makes up all of life… both inanimate, and animate things… Continue reading What is The Higher Self?

Ego or Intuition? How to tell the difference.

First things first, it is not possible to be confused between an ego feeling, and a feeling from your True Self. It’s one, or the other. The two cannot exist in the same reality, because the nature of each is completely opposite. Your True Self is of certainty, your ego is of confusion. Your True… Continue reading Ego or Intuition? How to tell the difference.

Welcome to…Da Blog

Hey. Welcome to my blog. I will skip the formalities and just say you will have a variety of content posted. No schedule, just raw and inspired. I also want to include some lyric breakdowns of little tunes I have written, for anyone who is trying to understand them. Sometimes songs and poetry is a… Continue reading Welcome to…Da Blog